Microsoft Excel – Course outline

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Question Y/N Question Y/N
Write basic formulas, eg = A1*A2 Write formulas using brackets where required, eg =(A1+A2)/A3
Write basic functions, eg SUM, AVERAGE,MAX, MIN Selecting ranges with cells together and separate
Understand Absolute and Relative References in formulas, eg =B7 + $A$3 Create simple charts
Create Logical functions, eg IF, AND, OR, NOT Create a nested IF function (multiple IF statements in the same function)
Concatenate (join) text Trap errors using IFERROR
Paste Values from formulas Change Calculation method, eg Manual or Automatic
Create custom formats for numbers and dates Use Conditional Formatting
Change the Page Layout, eg Margins, Headers, Footers, Background, Orientation, Paper Size Use Scale to a Percentage or to Fit when Printing
Use different Views, eg Page Break Preview, Page Layout Insert and delete columns, rows and worksheets
Hide and unhide worksheets Move and copy worksheets to the same or a different workbook
Freeze row and/or column titles Use Find and Replace to change formulas
Sort a list (including multiple sorts)
Use Filtering – Compound filters, Multiple value filters, Custom filters Modify charts – adding titles, data tables, Trend lines, Error bars, text boxes
Create a VLOOKUP function in both it’s forms and know the difference between them Create CHOOSE, INDEX, MATCH functions
Create reference functions, e.g. ROW, COLUMN, ADDRESS, INDIRECT, OFFSET Modify charts – changing shape styles, colors, fills, shape effects, themes
Create, use, modify and delete range names Create range names using text labels or a selection
Create worksheet specific range names Using range names in formula
Protecting cells, ranges, worksheets and workbooks Use automatic Subtotals (rather than manually creating them)
Create and use Relative Names for Subtotals Linking between Worksheets and Workbooks Consolidate data from many workbooks into one workbook
Create Pivot Tables Use Pivot Tables: Group, calculate, Slicer Create Pivot Charts
Use the data analysis tools Goal Seek and Solver Use macro


These are basic level MS Excel training outline, if you interested to learn advance level formula and formatting, also write us / comments here


Whats-app Feature.

WhatsApp has been a primary mode of communication for almost everyone and recently the company has been introducing many new features in its latest updates. If you are one of the many users who communicates with their loved ones, friends, and colleagues through WhatsApp then you should know some of the striking features of WhatsApp messenger.



1- How to make a WhatsApp text Bold:

To “Bold” your text is a new way to emphasize the text or phrase and helps it to stand out in group chats. You can now make your text bold by adding an asterisk (*) to either side of your chosen text. For example:
*hello* will become hello

2- How to make a WhatsApp text italics:

Similarly, you can make your text italics which is good for to put a stress on certain text or phrase. Type an underscore (_) on either side of your text to italicize it. For example:
_ hello _ will become hello

3- How to cross out a text:

The cross out or strikethrough feature draws a line all the way through your text. It is usually used to highlight when something is wrong or need to be ignored. To use this feature, add a tilde feature ( ~ ) on either side of your text or phrase. For example:
~ word ~ will become word

4- How to change WhatsApp font:

To change the font in WhatsApp add ` ` ` on either side of your text or phrase. For example:
` ` ` hello ` ` `


Do you think these features will be useful for you? Let us know in the comment section.

5 ways you can deal with Cyber Harassment:

Back in college days, I was an introvert and often came across as a shy person. I was therefore the most interesting target of bullies in my college. They used to tease me confidently in class while I was giving presentations or outside in college cafeteria. I did not realize back then that not taking an action against them can leave serious effect on me. I started becoming even more shy and stopped going to college parties. It took me quite a few years to get over the frequent incidents of mistreatment. Therefore, it is always advised to stand up to such behavior.


But back in those days, one really needed to be strong and tough to be a bully. So, such incidents were not very common. With the advent of internet and social media, anyone can hide behind the curtain of anonymity and do it. So, cyber bullying or cyber harassment has become far more common and scarier than traditional bullying.


Worry not, we got you covered. Here are five ways to deal with cyber harassment, if you are experiencing it or know someone who is experiencing it:


  1. Take screenshots and recordings:


If you ever come across any form of cyber bullying which means you either receive an unsolicited Facebook message, or a threatening text or call, or someone uploads your photo or video on internet without your permission, immediately take the screenshot or record the call for evidence to be presented when required. Evidence is most important because you have to present it to the authorities if the matter is serious and needs a stern action.


  1. Never respond:


Silence is definitely the best answer in this type of situation. Things will surely get worse if you try to respond the person on your own because it can do more harm than good. If a person was decent enough to stop the behavior because you tell them to stop, then they would never have done it in the first place. So, you need to stay calm and silent in such a scenario. Avoid rereading the messages also because it will incite you to respond.


  1. Block the Cyberbully:


After you have taken screenshots, block the person, so he cannot contact you any further. If he is using your mobile phone number to harass you then call your mobile phone service provider. If he is using social media platform for this purpose then you need to contact their administrators. Doing so, will send that person a message that you are not weak and you won’t tolerate such kind of behavior.


  1. Call cyber Harassment Help line:


The most effective way to deal with any form of cyber bullying in Pakistan is to call cyber harassment help line. Digital Rights Foundation is an NGO working in Pakistan towards protecting digital rights of citizens. They have a helpline and you can call at their toll free number (0800-39393) and report the case with confidence. You can also send an email at


  1. Seek counselling:


Sometimes, due to the intensity of what happens, one feels quite disturbed emotionally. If you feel serious stress that starts interfering with your daily routine, do not hesitate to seek psychological counselling. This is going to help you overcome the issue quite effectively and you can move on within no time.


Have you ever come across cyber bullying in any form, let us know in the comments section and tell others, they are not the only one to have suffered.