Freelancing – How to Make Money from Home

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How to earn money sitting at home with freelancing – Make Money from Home (Part Time / Full Time) :

Working from home is a very good and beneficial way to earn money. In this, you take different assignments with many different companies, organizations or individuals at the same time and deliver them by completing the scheduled time. In return, the concerned company, organization or person provides you the payment for the work done by you. There are many features of freelancing like, working from the place of your choice, scheduling work yourself, determining the value of your work, etc. Today in the age of Internet, you have a lot of Opportunities of Freelancing. If you also want to earn money by making freelancing your career, then following these few things can easily be done.


Freelancing – How to Make Money from Home

Choose your Field / Niche:

There is a famous saying in our country that ‘two boats should not ride together’. This saying fits perfectly in Freelancing. There are many freelancers who do many types of work. It is absolutely wrong to do this, because working in many fields does not make you an expert, and you may have problems in getting clients. So before starting Freelancing you must identify your Niche. For this, you should make a list of all your skills and the best work you can do out of that, make that skill your Niche. Before choosing Niche, also do research on how likely it is to find work in this Niche. For example, you are more likely to get work in Web Development, Software and App Development, WordPress Assistance, Writing etc. Therefore, determine your Niche by thinking very carefully and doing proper research.


Define Your Services and Client-Type:

You have to be specific about your services. You should remain firm on what services you will provide and what you will not do in your Niche. For example, if your Niche is “WordPress”, then you should not say other projects directly. You should also pre-determine the type of your clients. Do you want to work with large companies with long-term projects or small companies with short-term projects or startups? When you are sure about your services and client-types, you are very easy to find and select clients.


Set the value of your work:

This is the most important point for new freelancers or people going to start freelancing, what is the value of the work they do? This determines your value in the Freelance Industry. You should set a minimum price for your work and never work below that price. This minimum price should be such that it can fulfill all your financial needs. From time to time, keep increasing this Minimum Price according to your skill level. But never start from such a low price that it does not meet your expenses and do not even start from such a high price that no client gives you the project. Set the price according to your work, experience and market.


Create Portfolio:

Your degree or qualification does not matter in Freelancing, the work you do matters. Clients often choose you by looking at the review and samples of their previous work. If you want that you also have big projects, then for that you have to show the Clients that you have done this kind of work before. For this, you should make a Portfolio Website / Blog. Include your Samples, Previous Works, Client Testimonials and Reviews in that Portfolio. This will let your clients know that you can complete their project easily.


Start Freelancing at least 6 months before leaving your job:

If you want to make a full time career in freelancing, then for this you have to set your feet in freelancing before leaving the current job. In the initial stages of freelancing such as choosing Niche, making portfolios, etc., usually a lot of time is spent, and in the beginning Clients are also less. Therefore, it is the most important thing for you that you should not think to leave your regular day job till the number of client increases and you get a good income. Because everyone needs money for their daily needs and if you leave your regular day-job ahead of time, then you may face problems. The most suitable time to leave a regular day-job is when the income from freelancing becomes 75-80% of the income of your day-job.


Use your network to create your identity:

Your identity is the quality that contributes to your new projects. The more you are identified in this industry, the faster you will get more projects. Use your Existing Network to increase your identity. Before contacting a company for freelancing itself, ask your Colleagues, Family Members, Friends, Relatives or any other acquaintance to recommend that company to you. After you recommend them, when you contact that company yourself, then you will have more chances of getting the project. Do research to find your contacts related to the company you want to work with. You can also ask to send recommendations to your contacts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ etc. but only if they are your real contacts.


Increase your credibility:

Your credibility helps you a lot in getting new projects. To increase reliability, you can display comments and testimonials of your old Clients and Influencers on your Portfolio Site. You can write an Ebook and make it freely available for everyone. In that EBook, you can showcase your achievements and abilities. Stay connected with your clients and other people through social media and other means also helps in increasing credibility.


Level Up Your Skills:

You should always strive to elevate your skills. It is also necessary to get more income. Whether your Niche Web Development, Graphic Designing or anyone else, you should also improve your Skills as per the changing and advanced world and changing requirements of Clients. To level up the skills, it is not necessary that you should take admission in any institute or college. Nowadays online skills are available for every skill. With the help of those sources, you can easily raise the level of your skills.


Best Online Freelancer Platforms (Websites) :

Until some time ago, finding work for Freelancers was hard work and hard work. Contacting many companies, sending emails to them and then waiting for a reply was a very time-taking task. The new Freelancers had more difficulty in getting the project. But today we have many such websites available which provide us Freelancing Opportunities. Through these websites, we can send them to Proposal by searching Freelance Projects as per our Niche at home. Some of the major Freelance Websites are-

  • Freelancer
  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Guru
  • Elance
  • Odesk
  • TrueLancer
  • WorkNHire
  • ProBlogger
  • Simply Hired
  • iFreelance
  • PeoplePerHour


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