MS Word Lec .No. 05

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MS Word Lec .No. 05


Insert Menu, Illustrations (Picture, Smart Art, Chart)


  • Go to the insert ribbon and click on picture a window will open.
  • Select the picture form your computer and click ok.
  • If u wanted to move picture freely from one place to another then select the picture.
  • Then go to the format ribbon and click on wrap text.

Smart Art:
The combination of Shapes is called smart art.

  • Go to the insert ribbon and click on Smart art a window will open and pick any style for here and press ok style will apply.
  • Then click on the shapes and write anything.


  • Use to present information in Graph Form.
  • Go to the Insert ribbon and click on chart.
  • A window will open and apply any style chart and press ok like column chart.
  • When u will apply the chart a sheet will appears.
  • Write information in this sheet the chart will adjust according to the information.