MS Word Lec No 01

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MS Word Lec. No. 01


Introduction of Word, Sample Text with Rand () Function, Navigating word Document, selection of text, how to open save files



MS Word is Documentation software. In which we make letter, document, Reports, CV, Paper, And Different Design in Word.


How to open MS Word with Shortcut Keys?

  • Press Windows Button + R
  • A Run Command Will open
  • Write winword in Small Letter and Then Press Enter

How to Enter Sample Paragraph?

  • Open MS Word
  • Then Write =rand (2,3) And Press Enter
  • If u need 2 paragraph of 3 lines then u will write =rand(2,3)
  • 2 is paragraph number and 3 will be No. of lines

How to Select Text?

  • If u wanted to select any word in MS word press shift and move the arrow keys if u wanted u select right word then press right arrow and if u wanted to select left word then press left arrow with the help of shift button.
  • If u wanted to select the one word with one click then press ctrl button with shift.


How to save files in MS word?

  • When u finish your work in MS Word press ctrl +S.
  • Then click the desktop option then a window will be open write the name of file and press enter the files will be on the desktop.

How to open save files?

  • If u wanted to open another file of MS Word during working on MS Word then press Ctrl + O
  • A window will be open Select the location of the file in your computer click on the file and press enter the file will be open


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