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About Curves,Curve Editing

About Curves   A curve is a series of line segments, each line segment have a node at each end….

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No Involvement in Sugar – Jahangir Tareen

Only 12% of Chinese exports, while my market share is 20% Jahangir Tareen said in his tweet that according to…

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Sugar crisis report presented to PM, reveals Jahangir Tareen’s involvement

Jahangir Tareen’s name has been revealed among those who benefited the most from the crisis report completed on the Sugar…

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Free Mobile Minutes per day (Corona COVID-19 Offer)

WE ARE HERE FOR YOU : = With COVID-19 forcing us to create distances, Zong will continue to stay by…

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Outlines and Fills,Aligning Objects

Outlines and Fills When you create drawings to be cut or engraved on the laser you have to ensure the…