بہت ھی اھم معلومات دنیا داری روزمرہ استعمال/بولےجانےوالےالفاظ مختلف شارٹ کوڈکےمعنی
Plz add Very Importent abbreviation words which we are using in our daily life but we dont know the meaning of these all short words.

Facility of Arts.

Facility of Science.

Bachelor of Arts.

Master of Arts.

Bachelor of Science.

Master of Science

Bachelor of Science in

Master of Science in Agriculture

Master of Business Administration.

Bachelor of Business Administration.

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of

Cesco Certified Network Associat.

Cesco Certified Network Professional.

Chartered Accountant.

Associat Certified Chartered Accountant.

Center Superior Service.

Information Technology.

Diploma of Information Technology.

Master of Information Technology.

Doctor of Medicine.

Diploma of Health and Medical Surgery.

Master of Surgery.

Doctor of Philosophy (Arts & Science).

(D. Sc)
Doctor of Science.

(B. Com)
Bachelor of Commerce.

(M. Com)
Master of Commerce.


Blood Pressure.



(used for female married & unmarried)
“Miss” used for unmarried girls).

(M. P)
Member of Parliament.

(M. L. A)
Member of Legislative Assembly.

(M. L. C)
Member of Legislative Council.

(P. M)
Prime Minister.

(C. M)
Chief Minister.

Member of Provincial Assembly.

Member of National Assembly.


(L. D. C)
Lower Division Clerk.

(U. D. C)
Upper Division Clerk.

(Lt. Gov)
Lieutenant Governor.

(D. M)
District Magistrate.

(V. I. P)
Very Important Person.

(I. T. O)
Income Tax Officer.

(C. I. D)
Crim Investigation Department.

(C. B. I)
Central Bureau of Investigation.

(G. P. O)
General Post Office.

(H. Q)
Head Quarters.

(E. O. E)
Errors and Omissions Excepted.


Kilo Newton.



Milli Gram.




(M. P. H)
Miles Per Hour.

(KM. P. H)
Kilometre Per Hour.

Ante Meridiem (or) After Midday.

Past Meridiem (or) Past Midday.

(P. W. D)
Public Works Department.

(C. P. W. D)
Central Public Works Department.

Project Manager.

Project Director.

(U. S. A)
United States of America.

(U. K)
United Kingdom (England.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

United Arab Emirates.

(U. N. O)
United Nations Organization.

(W. H. O)
World Health Organization.

(B. B. C)
British Broadcasting Corporation.

(B. C)
Before Christ.

(A. C)
Air Conditioned.

Alternative Current.

Direct Current.

Sub Inspector (of Police).

Divisional Police Officer.

Station House Officer.

(I. G)
Inspector General (of Police).

(D. I. G)
Deputy Inspector General (of Police).

(S. S. P)
Senior Superintendent of Police.

(D. S. P)
Deputy Superintendent of Police.

Inspector General of Police.

Superintendent of Police.

Inter Service of Intelligence.

(S. D. M)
Sub-Divisional Magistrate.

(S. M)
Station Master.

(A. S. M)
Assistant Station Master.

(V. C)

(A. G)
Accountant General.

(C. R)
Confidential Report.

Provincial Civil Service.

Military Engineering Service

Light Tactical Vehicle.

Heavy Transport Vehicle.

Electrical pressure injection

Antilock Breaking Sestem.

Full Form Of Some technical Words
VIRUS – Vital Information Resource
Under Seized.

3rd Generation.

4th Generation

Short Message Service.

(MMS) Multimedia Message Service.

Global System for Mobile

Milli Ampere Hour.

Code Divison Multiple

Universal MobileTelecommunication

Subscriber Identity Module

Audio Video Interleave

Real Time Streaming

OS Installer File

Adaptive Multi-Rate Codec

Java Application Descriptor

Java Archive

Java Application Descriptor

3rd Generation Partnership Project

3rd Generation Project

High Definition.

Mehboob Anwar Ansari

MPEG player lll

MPEG-4 video file
Advanced Audio Coding

Graphic Interchangeable Format

(JPEG)Joint Photographic Expert Group

Joint Photographic Expert Group


Shock Wave Flash

Windows Media Video

Windows Media Audio

Waveform Audio

Portable Network Graphics

Document (MicrosoftCorporation

Portable Document Format

Mobile 3D Graphics

MPEG-4 Audio File

Nokia Theme (series 40)

Themes (Sony Ericsson

Synthetic Music Mobile Application File

Nokia Ringtone

Extensible Music File

Wireless Bitmap Image

DivX Video

Hyper Text Markup Language

Wireless Markup Language

Compact Disk.b

Digital Versatile Disk.

Cathode Ray Tube.

Digital Audio Tape.

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PPSC ad 2/2018
160+ fresh jobs through PPSC announced today.

01 Computer Programmer (BPS-17)
01 Instructor / Demonstrator (Agriculture Economics / Farm Management) (BPS-17)
02 Instructor / Demonstrator (Entomology / Plant Pathology)
01 Instructor / Demonstrator (Soil Science) (BPS-17)
03 Instructor / Demonstrator (Agronomy) (BPS-17)
01 Instructor / Demonstrator (Horticulture) (BPS-17)
40 Agriculture Officer / Farm Manager / Cotton Inspector (BPS-17)
02 Assistant (BPS-16)
05 Social Security Officer (BPs-16)
04 Manager (BPS-17)
01 Senior Research Officer / Deputy Director (BPS-18)
03 Junior Research Officer / Assistant Director (BPS-17)
05 Lady Assistant / Superintendent of Jail (BPS-16)
50 Assistant Executive Engineers / Sub Divisional Officer / Assistant Design Engineer / Assistant Design Officer / Assistant Director Flood Monitoring / Assistant Director (BPS-17)
01 Civil Engineer (BPS-18)
01 Deputy Director Architect (BPS-18)
01 Fashion Designer (BPS-17)
01 Assistant Civil Engineer / Assistant Director (Civil) (BPS-17)
01 Structural Engineer (BPS-18)
02 Associate Professor Paediatric Cardiology (BPS-19)
01 Assistant Electric Inspector (BPs-17)
01 Assistant Director Research (BPS-17)
10 Deputy Prosecutor General (BPS-18)
03 Deputy Director Mines & Minerals / Manager Environmental Facilitation (BPs-18)
05 Assistant Professor Anesthesia (BPS-18)
05 Assistant Professor Pathology (BPS-18)
09 Stenographer (BPS-15)

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• Handle incoming mail and send mails to designated personnel or customers.
• Female Only (20-25 years)
Skills Required:
• Strong Microsoft Office Skills
• Excellent communications skills, both written and verbal
• Interpersonal skills
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• Telephone Etiquettes
• Self-motivation
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• Graduation
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