PSL3 – Karachi King (KK) vs Lahore Qalandar (LQ):

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In PSL3, today a fantastic and high level of fighting match will be played between Karachi King (KK) and Lahore Qalandar (LQ). Both team are fully prepared to play amd win the match. This match is equally important for both teams whereas most important win for Lahore Qalandar (LQ) as they have loss thier last 2 matches.

Karachi King (KK) is on the top of point table with 4 points after 2 matches played whereas Lahore Qalandar (LQ) is on bottom of the point table with Zero (0) point after 2 matches played.

Lahore Qalandar LQ is loosing there matches from last 3 PSL and on the last team standing at point table in PSL1 and PSL2 as well.

Lahore Qalandar LQ what to do in today match, it will shown during match and here we will update the match position.

What you think,

Is Lahore Qalandar LQ come back in tournament?

Is Karachi maintain top position in point table?

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