Skills can make you a millionaire !

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These skills can make you a millionaire, only you have to do this work

Writing a blog is the easiest way for those dreaming of their work with no cost or very small amount of money sitting at home. However, most people who start a blog are not able to be successful at commercial level. Some people are able to earn crores due to their experience or expertise in a particular subject. We are telling you today about such subjects, which have made the common people successful. These subjects are based on the top blogger list of The Richest.
– Blogging is the most successful subject technology in the world. – The top 10 earners in the list of The Richest of 2015, write 4 technology related blogs in the top 10 list. – Michael Arrington is the highest-earning blogger, with an annual earnings of $ 96 million or 70 million rupees.

According to him, there are constant changes in technology. In such a situation, there is no shortage of topics to write. Also it is not necessary that you study this field. You can also write a tech blog like the experience or common man, which tells how the experience of a particular technology product or gadget was. – The special thing is that such blogs are monitored by large companies along with common readers.

Know ahead and which type of blog is rich in money

– People like to read a lot about the film, Gossip and the facts related to entertainment. – Although it is very important for those writing on this subject to have access to the industry. Mario Levenderia, popularly known as Perez Hilton, has been writing a blog on this subject since 2005.

– By writing blogs, they are earning 3 to 5 lakh dollars every month. This amount is a maximum of 33 crores per annum. – Perez is at number three in The Richest’s highest-grossing blogger’s list.
Know further that the subject which fulfills both earnings and hobbies together
– Travel is also the most successful subject in the blogging world.

According to Forbes, Ireland’s travel blogger Johnny Ward is earning an average of 30 thousand dollars per month through his website Step 4 Ward Media. This amount is 22 lakh rupees a month. That is, earning more than 2.5 crore rupees annually. Wards move around the world most of the year. The special thing is that just 4 years ago this man was doing sales job in a company. – Even if you do not want to roam the whole year, you can write blogs related to travel and tourism.

– Jake Dobky is at number six on The Richest’s Top 10 Bloggers List. They earn an average of 1.2 million dollars every month. That is, about 71 lakh rupees a month or about 9 crores rupees a year. – Jake’s website provides information about food, events and art around the world. Know ahead and in which subject Maharath will make you richfood – People around the world spend the most on food, that is why the articles related to food are also read a lot.

Lindsay Ostrom of America writes her blog under the name Pinch of Yum. His average monthly earnings have been 33 thousand dollars, which is equivalent to 22 lakh rupees a month. – Food-related blogs are published in a large part of Jake’s website included in Richest’s Top 10 Bloggers List. Know further how you can win people’s trust with earnings

– If you can improve people’s lives with positive things. So you can improve your financial situation by writing a blog. Jeena Trapani, who is ranked number 8 in The Richest List, writes about the ways that one’s life can be improved. – Gina is the only woman in the list.

According to the list of The Richest, Gina is earning one lakh dollars a month, which is equivalent to about 8 crores rupees a year.

Along with this, there is no shortage of people all over the world who keep giving tips to improve people’s lifestyle and are earning well.

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