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Ludo Star Free coins !

Share game ID here to get free coins ! Limited time offer, Hurry up!

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Nikaah and Janaaza!

*Nikaah and janaaza…* *نکاح اور جنازہ* The _difference_ between a *wedding* and a *funeral* beautifully captured in a _poem_ called…

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Girl of time !

*******مجھے تلاش ھےبہوکی******* *بیٹے کے واسطے مجھے دُولہن کی ہے تلاش پھرتا ہوں چار سُو لئے اچھی بہو کی آس*…

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A Masterpiece!

Must read…..a masterpiece ! A rat swallowed a diamond and the owner of the diamond contracted a man to kill…

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Fun and Earn (Blogging is best to earn):

Fun and Earn (Blogging is best to earn): Everyone has favorite hobbies and we all think about turning them into…