Agriculture & livestock improvement!

Govt Launches a Rs. 82 Billion Modern Agriculture & Livestock Plan
Posted 1 day ago by Ambreen Shabbir
Investment Plan to Improve Crop Yields, Water Efficiency

The government has rolled out a Rs.82 billion investment program aimed at improving crop productivity, executing livestock and fisheries development projects and enhancing water efficiency.

The program has been designed after five presentations were given to Prime Minister Imran Khan by the task force on agriculture.

Federal Minister for National Food Security and Research Sahibzada Mehboob Sultan said that the targets mapped in the plan were achievable and the government will leave no stone unturned to meet the goals.

Study Shows Low-Cost Housing Projects to Generate Massive Economic Activities

Promotion of Mechanized Farming

He told that the government will invest Rs. 4 billion in the promotion of mechanized farming. Small farmers will get a 50 percent subsidy on the purchase of crop-specific machinery.

There will also be a subsidy for the introduction of high-productivity seed varieties and increased supply of certified seeds, said the minister.

Pakistan is Missing Out on a Huge Opportunity by Not Using Tech in Agriculture

Research, Fish Farming, and Water Efficiency

He also divulged that the government will invite the participation of international experts in establishing new research institutes and upgrading the present ones.

Another Rs. 8.6 billion will be allotted to encourage shrimp farming and trout farming in northern areas under the plan.

Furthermore, a whopping Rs. 68.6 billion will be used to improve watercourse lining, enhance the command area of small and mini-dams in arid areas and water conservation in rain-fed areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.


The PM has also given approval of a project for small and medium-scale livestock farmers. It involves a backyard poultry program, a buffalo calf-fattening program, and the promotion of small and medium-sized dairy farms.

Not only this but the government will also launch a backyard poultry program in 36 districts of the country to reduce poverty along with improving nutrition. A similar plan has been introduced in Punjab.

In order to prevent animal foot and mouth disease, the government will roll out a mega project worth of Rs. 763 million in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations.

Furthermore, Rahimyar Khan, Bahawalpur, and Bahawalnagar will be declared disease-free zones, said the minister.

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100 achievements of the 100 days by Imran Khan!

100 achievements of the 100 days by PTI govt.

1. Prime minister cutting down expenses
2. Diplomacy succeeded and the cartoon competition in Holland has been cancelled.
3 Prime minister appeared before Senate
4. FBR restructuring
5. Money launderer NBP president removed

6. Audit ordered for all mega projects
7: 10 Billion Tree Tsunami initiated
8. Mechanism for 5 Million houses and 10 Million Jobs being discussed
9. Quran Education has been made compulsory in schools
10. Almost every Cabinet minister is busy in planning 5 years program in coming 90 days

11. NADRA RTS inquiry
12. Single national regulatory authority created instead of PEMRA.
13. Free rail travel for people above 75 and half fare for those above 65 years.
14. Military and Civilian leadership are on the same page.
15. Petrol cheaper

16. Sawaabdidy funds removed
17. PM House Cars sold
18. Cold welcome for the Americans
19. Najaiz Tujawazaat removal Islamabad and counting
20. Dam Fund from PM

21. Chinese FM visit and revisiting CPEC contracts
22. Tax recovery of 6.2 Billion
23. Governor houses opened for public
24. Agreement with UK to cooperate in corruption and money laundering
25. President not using president house, saving tax payers money

26. Dismantling CAD Ministry
27. Visit/Cooperation with Afghanistan
28. Bureaucracy Reforms
29. New Budget and Tax Reforms
30. Money Launderers arrested in UK

31. Gas tariffs set right
32. LPG prices reduced
33. Successful visit to Saudi, 10 Billion in Investment
34. Visit to UAE, investment expected in water sector in Karachi
35. Tax exemption for Ministers taken away

36. Possible Citizenship for refugee children born in the country
37. Peaceful Ashura
38. Iftikhar Chaudhry son in law arrested in Dubai – Eden Society fraud
39. Qatar offers 100,000 jobs for Pakistanis
40. Bahria Islamabad, 35,000 kanals land recovered, amounting to around 300 Arab rupees.

41. Powerful speech in the UN General Assembly (and in Urdu)
42. Ishaq Dars’ assets ordered to be sold, historic!
43. Mohmand dam construction to commence by April 2019
44. Dropping unnecessary CPEC projects (Railways)
45. PML-N and PPP decide to field joint candidates in by-elections

46. Reforms discussed for religious seminaries/madrassahs
47. Shahbaz Shareef arrested, bonus item
48. Efforts for Uniform Education System, 5-6 core subjects must be taught in all educational institutions
49. Special/reduced prices for electricity and gas for Export sector
50. 18 NGOs to wrap up operations

51. Clean and Green Pakistan campaign
52. Non-Filer restrictions removed from overseas Pakistanis
53. China welcomes Saudi in CPEC
54. Naya Pakistan Housing Authority for 5 million houses
55. FBR identifies 16000 with investments worth billions in property sector, notices on the way

56. Free, fair and transparent by-election, pretty historic!
57. PTI and allies won 17 seats, PML-N and allies won 11 seats.
58. PTI bagged highest number of votes in by-elections i.e. 1.1 million, followed by PML-N 0.8 million.
59. 36 missing persons have been traced in Sept and counting.
60. Ishaq Dar’s properties to confiscated and auctioned, includes plots, house, cars, bank accounts

61. Saudi riyal 2000 tax waived for Pakistanis performing Umrah every year, on IK’s request
62. About 120 police officials (deemed) responsible for Model Town carnage removed from field postings
63. Administrative control of Swat handed over to civilian govt
64. New incentives to facilitate remittances from overseas Pakis
65. Saudi agreed fr $3 Billion to support balance of payment and $3 Billion fr deferred oil payments. That’s what foreign visits are for!

66. ECC gives go ahead for sale of 3 JF-17 fighters to Nigeria fr $184.3 million
67. Launch of Pakistan Citizens’ Portal
68. Fake News Buster Twitter Acc, useful concept
69. Pakistan-China bus service launched
70. Stock exchange going up after Saudi and China visits

71. Blasphemy protests handled reasonably well
72. Profits increased on most govt Saving Schemes
73. Anti Beggary squad in KPK, children won’t be able to beg, school or skill provided
74. Margallah Ridge Trail opened, connects KPK, Isl, Punjaab.
75. PM’s solid visit to China

76. Trade between China and Pak in Chinese Yuan
77. About 1000 arrests in 2 days after blasphemy dharna
78. Compensation for people impacted by Aasia Bibi protests
79. China agrees to double imports from Pak, 3.2 Billion target set fr year 2019
80. Policy making powers taken away from FBR, free of govt influence with only job to administer and collect tax

81. FBR has sent notices to 3,100 individuals during the last two months, identified 1000s of others
82. Monthly system of Performance Mgmt in FBR, special integrity unit established
83. The premier said that China has given an aid package like never before, adding that, Beijing does not want the exact figure of the aid to be disclosed. (Whatever that means:)
84. Prisoner swap treaty with England approved by cabinet
85. Dr. Aafia Siddique case taken up with US Envoy

86. Panama papers cases: Rs. 6.2 Billion recovered, cases fr 10.9 Billion, 294 notices issued, 15 cases at final stages, 36 cases being heard, 242 cases being pursued
87. DG NAB Interview: in previous setup Lahore/Punjaab cases were influenced and not moved. In this setup we don’t know what gov, which gov.
88. 15000 properties identified in LHR alone, 380 million tax evaded
89. Panah Gaah launched across the country, a viral social media picture of a man and 2 children sleeping by the road side probably behind the immediate govt action.
90. PM warns of dissolving FBR over poor results, FBR detects Rs. 522m tax theft, keep up the pressure

91. Mobile App launched to check status of Roads. Open/close, smog, traffic jams etc..12000 KMs road network covered
92. PTI clinches both senate seats in Punjaab
93. Rs 660 Billion development projects approved, 5 of the 6 from water and power sector
94. PM Imran would leave meetings midway when it’s time to pray
95. PM gives a bold and befitting slap to Donald Trump

96. Three university level chairs of research on Seerat un Nabi SAW
97. Proposal for “International convention for prevention of defamation of religions”
98. About a 100,000 complaints launched through the Citizen’s Portal, around 16,000 resolved
99. In 3 months, PM house saves abt 15 crores, 200 personnel shifted to other entities..
100. TLP leadership taken to task, arrests all around the country. And that’s the century!!!

& It is the first Government which is running without Diesel 🙂