What is the difference between topper study technique and failure study technique?

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For too long I studied like a ‘failure’.

It took me until the age of 21 before I started studying like a ‘topper’.

Here are the differences based on my experience.

What will you study today?

Topper: “Chapter 2 of marketing from 8am-11am, and chapter 3&4 of finance from 1pm-4pm”

Failure: “Ummm, maybe marketing and finance…?”

Where will you study today?

Topper: “In my favorite distraction-free study spot where I can concentrate”

Failure: “I will try to study in the library and see how it goes”

How will you study today?

Topper: “Take notes of the key points, write them in my own words, and spend half the time on practice questions”

Failure: “I will probably read through the chapter, take notes and attempt a few questions”

Why do you study?

Topper: “Because I want to learn so I can get a good job and do meaningful work”

Failure: “To pass my exams”

How confident are you that you will pass?

Topper: “I don’t want to just pass; I want to do the best I possibly can”

Failure: “I’m not sure I will pass because I’m not very good at Marketing or Finance”

A topper has a study plan and knows what they need to study and for how long.
A topper studies in a distraction-free location so they can learn efficiently.
A topper knows that practice questions will help them learn material fastest.
A topper doesn’t just study to pass; they study for a bigger purpose in their life.
A topper believes in themselves, and when they self-doubt they trust the process.
In saying that, there are other factors that contribute to a top student and one that fails.

And after being both a ‘failure’ and a ‘top student’ during university, I no longer believe in labeling myself or anyone else.

There is a whole history of redemption stories and falls from grace, so we are only as good as we are in this moment.

The important thing is, no matter how good or bad you are today; focus on improving yourself so you are a better version tomorrow.

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