Update about Corona!

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As Forwarded from the Agha Khan Hospital’ doctors:

Dear All

Corona Virus (COVID-19) don’t attack those people who have strong immune system. For example, they say it mostly attacks children of 5 years age and older people above 50 years of age.

Why China?: Because Chinese frequently (almost every day) eat rice with dirty animal’s meat, like dogs, cats, rats, etc. ,

Why Italy?: Because Italians only and only eat Pizza ! They don’t eat any other food except Pizza only!

To make your immune system stronger, please do and eat all kinds of food items on the different days and different times, like:

  1. Sleep more than 8 hours a day,
  2. Drink water or juices after every 2 hours,
  3. Wash your hands more frequently with sanitizer, soap or whatever,
  4. Avoid junk food, like burgers, sandwiches, etc., available outside !
  5. Eat Pulses (Daal masur, moong, chnana, maash, etc.),
  6. Drink Milk and/or eat Yougurt (Dahi),
  7. All types of flours (Aata), like wheat, rice, maize, juar flours,
  8. All types of vegetables, like carrots, bhindi, potatoes, tomatoes, turiyan, etc.,
  9. All types of fruits, like apples, bananas, strawberries, etc.,
  10. Eggs, fish and mutton meat,

And, every food item, that’s easily available and cheaper (and affordable), like Yougurt (or Dahi), Eggs and Bananas.

Particularly, drinking Milk (and/or Yougurt),
. Eating “Eggs” and “Bananas” are sufficient enough to maintain strong immune system that fights Corona Virus.

Your responsibility is to share this information with your friends.

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