Change your life

Changing your life takes only one person and that’s YOU. Today we got brand new behavioral changes that you can institute immediately that will improve your life.


1.      Random acts of kindness

Researchers from University of Texas at Austin Chicago present research about showing a little good to someone can do wonders to your mental health. An act of random kindness makes a massive difference for someone and you’re happier as a result. Smiling at some random person while in a jam-packed traffic, putting your arm around someone, waving at someone or giving a tip to someone who’s making you coffee and looking into their eyes and thanking them can do wonders for someone. We usually don’t do such gestures because we think they don’t really matter but think of that being you on a receiver’s end and how that lifts up your mood. 

2.      Eccentric exercise

Less gym time and the same routine. Researchers from Edith Cowan University Australia with research teams in Japan and Brazil have shown that doing eccentric exercise for 3 sec in a day can be as helpful as doing strength training. One muscle contraction in downward movement for just 3 sec a day can increase muscle strength if you do it each day. 

3.      Birds chirp

Research from King’s College London shows that listening to birds chirping for just one second can improve your mental well-being for 8 hours. There is something about the sound of birds, you can go on YouTube, you can listen to it on some app or you could get outside. But that deeply resonates with us for 8 hours. It does cause a lifting mood.

 4.      Gratitude journal

GeorgeTown Medical Center published a study in JAMA Psychiatry Journal that shows, doing gratitude journaling is equally effective as taking an antidepressant. They have done research on patients with depression and anxiety with one group taking antidepressants and another doing this mindfulness-based stress reduction technique and both of the groups show equal and healthy results. 

5.      Focus on routine than will power

Don’t rely on willpower for success and accomplishments. For something important, get your mobile phone off, move to a distraction free place and make a schedule. Your willpower will not lead you to success. Willpower fades away. You have to make a plan on a paper to follow and implement.   

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