How to find peace

If you struggle with stress and anxiety, here’s what you need to know.

We Experience pain of not going after what we want or what we need or what we feel is our calling because of the pain that comes with that.

We think there’s this choice you have to make at any point in time where it’s like I’m either going to live the life of my dreams or I’m going to be stuck forever. And then we are like okay we’ll be stuck because our dreams seem so far away. But life is not like that. You don’t have to live with your campaign of misery. Defeat the pain of misery inside you. You deserve happiness and it’ll come with changing your mindset. Happiness is overrated. You can enjoy little things. Making small steps towards your dream and goal and appreciating yourself can bring you happiness. Spending time around people who matter will bring you happiness.

Sometimes we think that we don’t deserve this happiness and all of this is due to the luxuries and lifestyle we have. We have nothing special in ourselves but the point is, WE DESERVE THAT HAPPINESS.

There is this difference between dreams and delusion. Dreaming is willingness to try and believe in yourself and what you’re doing. Dreams give you confidence in what you’re doing and give you motivation to go ahead. While delusion is insecurity and thinking that you’re better than everyone else. Delusion is thinking between you’re better than vs where you want to take risk and try and get count of your life in a way that’s aligned with this thing inside you.

Dreams are directional signals that the dream is out there in front of you in a different chapter of your life calling you from this moment towards that direction. Dreams are not always meant to be achieved. They give you the reason to try, to live and to take risks. They give you this sense of living and a purpose to do better and better every day. Dreams are deeply personal and they are connected to that flame inside you.

All anxiety results from a feeling of separation from your parents when you’re a kid. It’s common and natural to feel a kind of complex mix of guilt and pressure to want to please your parents because you needed them to survive as a kid. One of the greatest gifts of being an adult is separating from your parents and deciding how you want to talk to yourself. Take your own decisions. Get out of your childhood traumas and anxiety. Explore the new world and appreciate little things. The Parents should encourage the child to fly into this world

Here’s what you need to do right now.

“Draw a line on a piece of paper, write the experiences that gave you happiness. Take the steps to complete one of the same actions you did that made you happy.” “Acknowledge your smallest accomplishments.” 

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