MBBS / Doctor in Pakistan Army!

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Many girls ask question “how to become an army lady doctor in army”,”what are the qualifications for a female to join the Pakistan army”? we made a beautiful post (according to us)on this question and you can read it below.

We divided this post in 2 parts. In the first part you can read about the scope of non medical fields for girls in the Pakistan army and in the second part, you can read about the scope of medical fields in the army.
1. Jobs for Females in Pak Army (Non Medical fields)
The following post will tell you about the type of jobs for female and the requirements to join the Pakistan army in different non-medical fields.

1.1. How to Join Pak Army after Intermediate for Females (12-Year Education)
The Girls with only F.Sc pre-engineering/F.A/ICS or A level cannot join Pakistan army at all with this intermediate qualification. They have to study further and get at least 4 year bachelors degree qualification if they want to join this sacred institute, the Pakistan army.

Only F.Sc pre-medical/A level girls can apply after F.Sc for doctor or nurse which is discussed in the 2nd part at the end of this article.

1.2. Join Pak Army after Graduation for Girls (16-Year Bachelors Education) through Lady Cadet Course as Captain
The non-medical females’ recruitment in the Pak army is done through the Lady Cadet Course in the following ways. For me. LCC is the best career for females, who have studied non medical fields, in the whole Pakistan.

The age limit to join this course is 28 years.

Pakistan army had recently inducted ladies through the Lady Cadet Course LCC-14 in 2018 after a gap of three years.

Through this course, the girls will become captain officer after a training of 6 months in the PMA Kakul. During the 6 month training in the Kakul, they will be called female cadets.

The following category consists of education and teachers.

The women with masters degree or M.Sc degrees in Statistics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography and Management Sciences and the ladies with M.A degree in Economics, Pakistan Studies, Arabic and Islamic Studies are eligible to apply in the army.

These female captains in Pakistan army will join Army Education Corps (Core) after successful passing out.

Those ladies who have done 4-year graduation in the can become captain engineer from the following engineering programs.

Civil, Architecture/Architectural Engineering, Town Planning, Structural
Engineering, Geo Tech Engineering, Geo Informatics Engineering, Soil Engineering, Transportation/ Highway Engineering and Geographical Information System can become female engineers in the Pak army.

These female officers will serve in the Corps of Engineers.

The females with 4-year degree in BE Electrical, BE Telecommunication, BE Software Engineering, Information Technology and Information Security are also eligible. These Pak army female officers will serve as captain engineer in Corps of Signals.

Chemical Engineering, Food Sciences and Nutrition (4-year program) degree, MBA Finance degree and MBA Supply Chain Management degree are also eligible and can become proudly commissioned officer in the Pakistan army. These programs are included in the Army Service Corps.

The women with Textile Engineering (4-year program) degree, MBA Finance degree, and MBA Supply Chain Management degree are also eligible. These programs are included in the Corps of Ordnance.

The girls who have done Engineering (4-year program) in

Computer Engineering, Electrical, Mechanical, Computer Hardware, Mechatronics, Electronics/Avionics Engineering, Bio-medical, MTS Engineering and Aerospace technology can also become the part of the army.

This induction is made to include females in the Corps of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers or EME Corps.

BS Software engineering, BS Computer engineering, Computer System, BS Computer Science and Telecommunication engineering for girls can make them Information and Computer Technology Officers ICTOs in the army.

The girls with MS Mass Comm, MA IR, MSc TV & Film Production can get commission through the Direct Short Service Commission as Public Relation Officer (PRO).

Females can get Direct Short Service Commission as Psychologist if they have masters or M.Sc psychology degree.

Remount Veterinary and Farms Corps (RV&FC) is another corps of the Pakistan army. The girls who possess DVM degree can get acquire commission in this corps.

2. Vacancies for Women in Pak Army (Medical fields)
Now, comes the 2nd part of this post. In this part, you will learn how you can join army after F.Sc pre medical/A level through AFNS course (Nursing course) and through the MBBS/BDS course.
2.1. How to Join Pak Army for Females after F.Sc Pre Medical/A level (12-Year Education)
The women can become the part of the Pak army directly after doing intermediate in the F.Sc pre-medical/A level in the following 2 ways.
2.1.1. Join AFNS Army Nursing Course as Lieutenant
How to become nurse in the Pak army? Please read the following paragraph.

AFNS stands for the Armed Forces Nursing Service. This course is designed for those girls who want to become army nurse. Through recruitment from this course, you can become lieutenant in the Pakistan army.

The training of AFNS is held at the army hospitals and the job place of the army nurses is also in the CMH hospitals and in all other hospitals which work under the army.

This nursing admission takes place once in a year. Please read the full selection procedure details here on the AFNS Course.
2.1.2. For MBBS/BDS Course as Cadet
The girls can study in the Army Medical College, CMH Lahore Medical College and in all other Army administered medical colleges of the Pakistan army after F.Sc pre-medical or A level but remember, you will not serve in the army after completing your MBBS or BDS from these colleges.

I am repeating my words, girls you will not serve in the Pakistan army after completing your MBBS or BDS from the Army Medical College, CMH Lahore Medical College or Army administered medical colleges. Among these girls, only army brat girls will become the captain officer and will serve in the army.

The admissions in these college is done with the help of NUMS entry test and the merits are calculated just on the basis of Matric, F.Sc and NUMS entry test marks.
2.2. How to Join Pak Army for Girls after MBBS/BDS as Captain/Major
This course is for only those ladies who have completed their MBBS or BDS and they want to become the dentist or doctor officer in the army. They can join army through Short Service Regular Commission (SSRC).
Through this SSRC, you can become GDMO and Medical specialist in the army.

So After studying this post, you have learnt that there are a lot of opportunities for females in the Pakistan army who are in different fields of study other than the medical field. Girls who are doing the job and have 2 to 3 years experience are also eligible to join army.
Girls with the private MA degree or M.Sc degree cannot apply to the Pakistan army.
Thats all.

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