MS Word Lec NO 03

MS Word Lec.No.03


Home Menu, Paragraph styles, Find and Replace, Bullets, Numbering, Multi-level List.

Paragraph Styles

  • Heading No 01 Ctrl + Alt + 1 Pakistan
  • Heading No 02 Ctrl + Alt + 2 Pakistan
  • Heading No 03 Ctrl + Alt + 3 Pakistan

Find and Replace

  • Find (Ctrl + F)
  • Replace (Ctrl + H)


  • Write a paragraph in MS Word.
  • Write Word Pakistan 6 to 7 Times. Press Ctrl + F a Window will be open.
  • Write Pakistan Here. Word Pakistan Will be Highlight In the paragraph.
  • Then Click on the page and Press Ctrl + H.
  • A window will be open Write Lahore In the replace And Click On replace.


  • Right Align Ctrl + R
  • Left Align Ctrl + L
  • Center Align Ctrl + E
  • Justify Align Ctrl + J

Line spacing

The distance between the lines of paragraph normal distance is 1.15

  • 1 Ctrl + 1
  • 5 Ctrl + 5
  • 0 Ctrl + 2

Bullets and Numbering

  • Bullets and numbering is use to make points.
  • Write three word Computer, Pakistan, and Lahore in three separate lines.
  • Select all three word and go into the bullets in Paragraph group and Click on a style
  • If u wanted to apply Numbering then click on numbering in paragraph Group.
  • If u wanted to apply Mutli Level list then click on this option and click on a style that you need.
  • If u wanted go on next level in Multi-Level list then press tab.
  • If u wanted to go previous level in Multi-Level then press shift + Tab.
  • Undo Ctrl + Z
  • Redo Ctrl + Y

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