You haven’t lost your motivation. You just lose your focus on what you’re fighting for. You don’t claim the bigger games. How to raise the game you’re playing. Stop and consider what would be something that is worth fighting for. It can be your business, health, happiness, relations, getting in the best shape of your life, unleashing your creativity or letting go of your past and beliefs.

And if you don’t know what direction you’re headed towards. All you need to know where you’re at, no longer serves you and you need to find courage to move away from it.

You’ve to know the difference between a box jumper and a box stepper. Whether you’re a jumper or stepper. How your brains work. Whether you lay paths and step the boxes to reach your goals or you just try to make a bug jump and you don’t succeed so you start and stop every time.

The reason why you’re not getting focused on your goals is you don’t have a big enough game and you’re not aware of how your brain works.

It all comes down to control and our innate desire to have it in our lives.

Mel Robbins

Mindset is your beliefs and opinions about the way the world works. Your mind has a filter that is based on your opinions and it will make you see the world through it. Your mindset is not inspiring you to do big and positive things. Spot those dark lenses, pop them out and put something brighter.

Your mindset dictates your actions. Make your mindset work for you. Get serious about the accounts you follow because your social media is the biggest platform on how you set your opinions about life.

When you change your mindset, it doesn’t make those challenges disappear, it changes your ability to face them.


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