Inpage Shortcut Keys

Inpage Shortcut Keys

For Editing:

Ctrl + Space   : To switch between English and Urdu mode

Ctrl + F           : To Open Find Text Dialog

Ctrl + R           : To Open Replace Text Dialog

Alt + Delete   : To Delete a page

Alt + Insert    : To Add a Page

For Zooming:

F5                   : Fit in Window

F6                   : 50% View

F7                   : 100% View

F8                   : 200% View

Alt + Enter    : Switching Master page and Document View

For Tools Selection:

Shift + F2: Text Box Tool

Shift + F3: Title Text Box Tool

Shift + F4: Rectangular Picture Box

Shift + F5: Circular Picture Box

Shift + F6: Round Corner Picture Box

Shift + F7: Rectangle Tool

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