Inpage Shortcut keys

Inpage Shortcut keys

For Formatting:

Ctrl + B:                       Bold Text

Ctrl + I:                        Italic Text

Ctrl + Alt + L:              Align Paragraph Left

Ctrl + Alt + R:             Align Paragraph Right

Ctrl + Alt + J:               Align Paragraph Justified

Ctrl + Alt + F:                          Align Paragraph Forced Justified

Ctrl + Alt + C:                          Align Paragraph Center

Ctrl + F10:                   Increase Font Size

Ctrl + F9:                     Decrease Font Size

Ctrl + F8:                     Moving Text Upward

Ctrl + F7:                     Moving Text Downward

Ctrl + F6:                     Decrease space between Selected Text

Ctrl + F5:                     Increase space between Selected Text

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