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Shahid Afridi pens heartfelt note for wife Nadia on 20th wedding anniversary ?

Former Pakistan cricket team captain Shahid Afridi celebrated his 20th wedding anniversary with his spouse, Nadia Afridi, on Wednesday. The…

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پی ایس ایل 5 کھیلنے والے ایلکس ہیلز کا کرونا وائرس ٹیسٹ مثبت آگیا

برطانوی کرکٹر طبیعت خراب ہونے پر 3 دن قبل وطن واپس چلے گئے تھے کراچی کنگز کے برطانوی بلے باز…

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Pakistan Super League (PSL5)

Pakistan Super League PSL 5 Who will win the trophy of PSL5 Pakistan Super League PSL5 starting from today and…

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PSL 5 – Pakistan Supper League 2020

The Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2020 is just a few weeks away, which means that the fans wanting to attend…

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Cricket world cup 2019!

Point table after match first as on 30-May