List of Haram Jobs in Islam!


1. Working in #Ri
ba based BFSI (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance) sector in any department and in any profile.
2. #Media organizations where the content is Haram and/or the Advertisments are Haram
3. Working in #Alcohol companies or breweries
4. Waiter in Five star Restaurants where he or she has to serve alcohol
5. Chef who has to include #pork or alcohol while making dishes

6. An HR person who has to do payroll management because it includes writing and becoming witness of Riba based transaction in the form of Employee Provident Fund (EPF) and Employee insurance Schemes
7. Any #job which involves touching or shaking hands with Non-Mehrams
8. Any job which involves being alone with a Non-Mehram male or female
9. #Singer (singing Haram lyrics and containing prohibited musical instruments)
10. #Actor (relaxation in case where the person is doing something Islamic under the purview of Sharia)

11. #Dancer
12. #Musician
13. #Director (of Haram Movies)
14. #Producer (of Haram Movies)
15. #Marketing Professional (who does marketing of Haram Products and services)

16. Marketing Professional (who does marketing of Halal goods and services but tell lies on a regular basis to lure #customers)
17. A person who takes #bribes
18. An IT person who develops software / designs website / design database for Haram #companies for eg. #Banks, Media companies, #Music Companies, #Pornography, Alcohol, Temples, and Churches etc.
19. A printing press where they Print pictures of Women, Idols of Gods and other harmful material
20. Selling dresses for women which reveal their Awrah

21. Selling statutes and idols
22. Selling magazine, books, posters of Actor and Actresses and other Haram content in it
23. Civil engineer / architect who helps in designing Banks, Gambling dens, Bars
24. Working in a software company who primarily deals in Astrological products.
25. Selling the CDs of Movies and Music (Hollywood ? Bollywood)

26. Selling Video Games (All video games contain music, some even contain vulgarity, profanity and excessive violence)
27. Selling Music players and music systems (where we are very well aware that the customer will be using to listen to Haraam music)
28. Selling Dish TV set-top boxes where we know that all the Channels would be Haram Channels
29. Running a Webhosting service and giving services to everyone, independent to the content of his or her site which would be hosted on our server
30. #People having #earning from #Google #Adsense where they may get revenue from display of #Haram #Ads

31. #Women working in any job which requires them to remove their #Hijaab
32. Painting / Designing / Selling / Marketing any product or service which would specifically be used by a Church / Temple / Gurudwara / Synagogue etc.
33. Fighting election and becoming a political person (Minister / Member of Parliament/ Senate) in a Non-Muslim country where the state would be run by man-made laws and ultimate sovereignty would lie in the man-made constitution of that state.
34. #Male doctors treating #female patients and vice-versa, unless in case of acute necessity.
35. Males becoming Gynecologist or obstetrician

36. Teaching man-made laws on governance and criminal justice
37. Serving in an Army of a country which ?specializes? in killing Innocent #Muslims and innocent people of any other faith in general (for Eg. US and Israel)
38. Printing Clothes with Animated objects on it
39. Animator working for commercial #unIslamic movies (where is animating Animals/Human for purposes other than education Children)
40. #Photographer / #Videographer who takes #photos of #women revealing their awrah.

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