Tips To Earn Extra Money & Income Online

Tips To Earn Extra Money & Income Online!

There are many tips to earn extra money online these days because we all live on this Internet world. The electronic world has helped us to make money online easily by promoting big companies. They make money and we make money. We do not earn as much as them but enough to cover our lifestyle. On average, you spend about two hours a day online, you can earn probably $1000 in the first month, $5000 a month one year later, and $10,000 a month five years later. Some people make more than that amount because they are smarter or work harder than you. We just point out the number so you can estimate how much you make to earn extra cash in your free time, instead of watching TV shows, you make money online.

You do not need to be a webmaster or web developer who must know how to create a website. You can create a blog using WordPress or Blogger without knowing web skills. You should know how to write an article to advertise your blog. This is one of the best method to get traffic for your web site. You write articles and submit them to social bookmarking sites, article directories, and any other places. If you article gets 1000 readers, they go to your website, you can think how much you earn for just $.50 per click. You can get $500 easily a day if you get 1000 clicks. You can think about it thouroughly and when you understand it, you will become a millionaire. It is just about working hard to gain experience from it.

Earn money money by working for Google is another example. Hundreds of thousands of online webmasters sign up for Google AdSense programs to make money online. This is the easiest way for making online money by working for Google. You earn by click from visitors to your website. Please do not click on your own ad, otherwise, Google will ban your account off. So, every affiliate program you sign up with, you must follow their TOS. This is the most important online rule you must do. Don’t try to break their rules because you will not get away from it. They pay to good money for promoting their business, you must follow their rules. You should be fine to earn big money online.

When working online, you must investigate which method to use. The best online money making method is Google AdSense affiliate profile that they pay you for each unique click from your website. The more traffic you have, then the more clicks you earn. You can make a lot of money online for free using this way because you do not cost anything. So, starting creating a blog and write some articles that you are good at. You post these articles on your blog and submit them to social bookmarking services. You keep doing like this for about one month, you will see that the best possible results. The longer you do, the more customers accumulated on your website so the more money you make online. Read these free tips to earn extra income is the start.

Earn Money Online By Working for Google

Earn Money Online By Working for Google

Earn money online by working for Google is simple and easy because you do not invest any money at all. You will get a free job to work on your flexible time and day. All you work will be done from home so you do not worry about traveling anywhere else. Working from home has been popular in the last few years when the Internet market booming in Western countries as well as Asian countries. Consumers buy thing on the Internet instead of going to the stores because of its convenience and ease. So, your job is to promote these stores and earn money from valid clicks that consumers click from your websites. You will earn up to $10.00 or more per valid click so you can make thousands of dollars a month easily.

Thousands of webmasters quit their daytime jobs to work full time only when they earn enough money online. They prefer to work for themselves instead of working for somebody else, and have their boss look on their back all the time. Working on the Internet has been famous in America and other countries. You can read our resources and other articles to learn more about making money on line. You do not need to be expert in web design or development to work from home. All you need is the patience and diligent mind of work to continue work while learn. The more you work online is the better and more you will learn from your failure. You will succeed if you try hard enough by working for Google.

Does not require you to have a diploma or any certificates or degree. You can work on Google at anytime and any place you like. You will never loose anything when working online, except your time. There is no fee to start your job. There are many millionaires on the Internet who started out as you. They have not have any experience as you now. What they had is the patience to work for low extra monthly income, then move up with big money. What they had is to learn from their failure and work to learn. They work hard and they work smart to earn what they have right now. You can work and learn as them and you may be more successful than them. You can be a billionaire by working on net.

How to make money online is the question that all of us want to know. There is no secret for making online money. You will get free tips of how to earn online money. Some webmasters sell out their secrets for some money. You can buy these tips to learn of making Internet income. I have not bought any books but I spend my time in searching for good tips and apply them myself. I think the webmasters combine their knowledge and other resources to create a book and sell it out. So, their labor can charge money when they sell their books out. Anyway, you should take an action now by working online for Google and start making money in your free time. You should not wait any longer. Your opportunity is awaited.

Below are the steps you need to do:

  • Sign up for Google AdSense program
  • Create a blog and/or a website to promote these AdSense ads
  • Post some articles on your blog and/or websites
  • Post your articles on Social Bookmarking sites
  • Promote your blog and/or websites as many as possible
  • Start making money

Do you know you can Earn Money On Net For FREE!!!

Please help in keeping this site Free
Have you ever search the google for any of the following keywords :
Make Money,Make Money Online,Earn Money Online,Making or Earning Money at Home Business Work on the Web

Do you know you can Earn Money On Net For FREE!!!

Well there are many resources and articles on net which tell you how to earn money on net.But most of then don’t work well.

You can find whole web sites are made on the topics like

“Make Money Online,Earn Money at Home Business and Work”


“Earn Lots of Money Online With The Best Free Home Based Business Opportunity Of The World”

All these sites looks very promising. But they are just earning money for the owners of these sites.

They are using it for marketing purpose and making you people fool by wasting both your money and time .

If you has ever participated in any such program then you must be agree with me that earning money is not such a easy task.

1.) Does it really possible to earn money online

Yes , It is possible to make money online.But it need hard work form your end .don’t think you can make good amount of money by just clicking some link or reading mails.

If you got a web site then you can earn some money by spreading your business or by ADS.

It is batter to use you mind for making money then to depends on some ready made solution.

There is no Ways to Make Fast Easy Quick Money Online Today. making Quick Money is every one’s dream but this dream can’t be full filled without hard work.

Many Internet companies pay you to surf the web, read emails, visit web sites or sign up for free offers on the internet. It is natural to get attracted towards such an offers. but after trying these most of people find earn money is not that easy as shown by these sites.

If you earn some then there is no guaranty of may end up with just thinking about money, money, money.

2.) What program should I try

Well If you are located in US then there are many program which promises to give easy money.But as i don’t belong to US i hasn’t tested these .

But speaking to International People it does not really work .

If you are a WebMaster then you could try following:

Google adsense : that’s my Favorites .I use google adsense on this site also. This is the only program that has work for me till now .But if this work for me then it is not necessary that it will work for you also . If you has informative site then you can really make money threw this program. It is much batter than Pay per click or pay per impression or pay per lead program.

Try to sell some products threw you web site to earn money that is related to your web site.

By choosing wrong program you may end up by spending more money then you are earning.

There is no way to tell how much money you will earn .

You will earn money according to you own work.

Career Opportunities for Fresh Graduates !

Career Opportunities for Fresh Graduates for the position of

-Content Writing
-Graphic Designer

Internships leading to a full-time job offer after successful completion of the 3-month internship period. You will receive hands-on training and guidance and have the opportunity to work on exciting projects from the very beginning.

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Interns who successfully complete training will receive a full-time job offer with handsome salary. Interested candidates can forward CVs on the following email address:

Fun and Earn (Blogging is best to earn):

Fun and Earn (Blogging is best to earn):

Everyone has favorite hobbies and we all think about turning them into a career of our dreams. Who doesn’t like to have fun and earn at the same time? Blogging offers an easy way for this. A research showed fashion bloggers earned $1600 average per year in 2015 from affiliate marketing alone. Imagine if Pakistani women started reviewing products from Khaadi and Sana Safinaz.
With the tone set, here are some categories of blogging which can help you earn, while you have fun:

a) Sports and Fitness
Fitness bloggers also share video tutorials on YouTube. Sometimes we feel eager to put on our running shoes and hit the track. People search online for inspiration and fitness routines to get their bodies back into shape.
You can also blog regarding cricket and share your thoughts regarding Pakistan’s performance in a recent series. It is particularly viral during the World Cup so you will be able to attract a lot of readers and hence earn revenue. Other sports can also be similarly covered.

b) Fashion and designing
The key to earning from Fashion Blogging is having your own signature line and collection of clothes from various designers which they recommend to their audience. This is one of the best ways to earn through affiliate marketing. Fashion bloggers can earn more than $1 million in revenue according.
There are more than 100 established designer brands and around 200 smaller ones competing at the same time in Pakistan. This is a great market for women to express their views regarding the latest apparel available in stores as well as recommend best suits to wear on weddings and other occasions. There is a huge lack of Fashion blogs in Pakistan so if you are thinking about Fashion and Blogging, you are in the right direction.

c) Food and Cooking
Around 91% people trust online sources if they want to find a recipe according to a survey. Pinch of Yum is a well-established food blog which went from a ridiculously low $21 Per Month to $66,000 profit.
Food is probably one of the biggest and hottest topics on the internet. Ask yourself, you would have searched online for the recipe of Shahi Tukray or figure out how you can make the perfect milkshake. This is a hugely recommended field for those who love to cook and are eager to share their secret cooking recipes with others on the internet.

d) Travel
Your recent trip to Hill Areas could probably earn you more money than you paid for it. There are many famous bloggers online who travel to different places in the world just to write about them and share their experiences with their readers. Just get a good camera and start your photography blog directly from Instagram. If a five-star hotel is going to pay you to stay there, will you refuse? Of course, not.

e) Entertainment
The easiest way to get started in the Entertainment niche is by a Facebook Page. You can share jokes on Facebook and make funny videos to develop a fan following. If you have an enough audience, you will be sponsored by some top companies like Sprite and to endorse and promote their products.
If you are a moviegoer, write a review of the most recent film you watched in the theater because your friends will be dying to know your rating. If you are a voracious reader, you can write about the most recent book you read and this will not only increase your knowledge but also develop your skills as a writer. Reading is an essential part of growing your vocabulary.

Which one of these niches suits you the best?

Online Data Entry

Data Entry

Free Online Data Entry Jobs Without Registration Fees:

The work of Free Online Data Entry Jobs without Registration Fees in Pakistan is Easy and simple. All you need to do is just copy-paste the given text into various free data entry. The more you post, the more you earn. You can work part time during day or night from your home at your convent time. Basic Knowledge on Computers and Internet is required.

The Captcha entry jobs are very famous; It is very common and easy to do. You can signup free on any Captcha entry site they will show you some pictures with normally 6 characters. For Captcha entry jobs are 1 dollar for every 1000 correct entries. If your internet connection is fast and pictures are showing very smoothly than you can easily type 1000 to 1500 entries per hour. Remember this job requires good typing speed please do not register if you don’t have (get basic training from us, free of cost).

Follow these Steps to start free Data Entry Job:

  • Complete Free Signup process by Click Here
  • Choose payment option Payza
  • If you don’t have Create Payza account Click Here

After logging into your account Read Detail Here before starting work

Remember chose payment option Payza then you will able to withdrew minimum 3 dollar You can type 1000 Captcha in one hour and you will earn 1$ if you work 5 hours your earning will be 5$ per day so work as much as you have time,

Note: Avoid typing wrong Captcha You precision rate must be higher than 90% otherwise your account will be suspended. This is 100% legit company.



There are money program on internet to earn thru investment such as Frox etc BUT there are lot of scheme are illegal .

What’s worse is that day by day, illegal internet investment schemes are becoming more complex and tricky, sometimes being able to fool even experienced 

Note: we are working on it to test the legal and Registered schemes and will update here list of those sites